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The Tutor Prize

Vinderne af Tutorprisen 2022

Every year, DM awards the Tutor Prize to support a good learning environment and reward the tutors who put forth the extra effort to help new students as they enter university.

The winners of the tutor prize 2022 were the tutors from Communication and Digital Media from Aalborg University.

New students can pay tribute to their tutors every year during the start of the semester in August and September by nominating them for this year's Tutor Award.

The award has been awarded every year since 2008, and it is an acknowledgment of the great work the tutors do to ensure new students an excellent start to student life. Every year, one national and four regional winners will be awarded from the universities KU, RUC, SDU, AAU, and AU. The regional winners each get a prize of 2,500 DKK, and the national winner receives 10,000 DKK.

The winners of the tutor prize 2022

The winners of the National Tutor Award 2022 were the tutors from Communication and Digital Media fra Aalborg University.

The local tutor award winners from the other universities were the tutors from:

  • HAB C from Roskilde University (RUC)
  • Biochemistry ​from the University of Copenhagen
  • Medicin from the University of Aarhus
  • Sport and Health from the University of Southern Denmark

What is considered when selecting the winners?

  • Good tutors help their students get off to a good start
  • Good tutors see opportunities in their students
  • Good tutors unleash their students' potential
  • Good tutors create a feeling of security